Reporting time and dress code:

  • All students must be present in the school by the stipulated time. They should abide by prescribed uniform/dress code and carry his/her identity card without fail.

School transport:

  • Students availing school transport should strictly follow the timings and be present at pick-up points, at least five minutes before the prescribed time. It helps in meeting the scheduled plan.
  • Students, who are not availing school transport should be dropped and picked-up by the parents. If parents want to nominate other person to pick/drop their child, they should give a written request for the same with the photograph of the person they want to nominate.
  • Students with any unacceptable behavior in bus are liable for disciplinary action, which includes a period of suspension from using the school transport.


  • Students are expected to follow the disciplinary rules set to inculcate discipline and behavioral skills. They must be responsible, courteous at all times and conduct themselves politely. Students indulged in any act of indiscipline will be dealt with as per the rules.


  • No exam, will be reconducted for any reason, at any cost.
  • Any kind of malpractice during examinations is strictly forbidden. Students involved in such activities are liable for disciplinary action by the School Management.


  • In case of absence, students are to bring a note from their parents explaining why they were absent.
  • A Doctor’s Certificate should be produced if a student is absent for more than three consecutive days. Parents may also inform the reasons to the School Management through a call.

School Diary:

  • School diary must be carried to school every day and parents/guardian must regularly check and duly sign the diary (for suggestions on homework assigned for the day) and special notices or circulars.

Fee Payment:

  • Parents are expected to pay prescribed fee on or before the due date. In case of any dues (despite regular reminders), the school management reserves the right not to permit the child appear for assessments.
  • Any parent who wants to speak to a particular teacher can do so only after school hours, with prior appointment.
  • Cell phones/iPods are strictly prohibited inside the school campus.
  • Exchange of gifts, in any form, between parents and staff members is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to wear jewellery (chains, rings, large ear rings etc.) in view of their safety.
  • All students must take proper care of the school property. Any tampering with the property is liable for disciplinary action.