Welcome to the SBIPS & SBA!

Our goal is to provide quality, comprehensive and affordable school education to all individuals in a comfortable and safe environment. As a Chairman, I feel privileged to share the information pertaining to my perception of Spring Board International Preprimary Schools & Spring Board Academies.

My dream has come true with the set up of SBIPS & SBA, which are committed to delivering excellence and aspiring to provide the world-class education. Both institutions were started with a singular vision to create “innovators for tomorrow”. We’re striving day-in and day-out to meet this vision and to train our existing staff with this mantra always in mind.

We help to enrich children through our expertise. We will also ensure that children who join the Spring Board International Preprimary School and Spring Board Academies enjoy the very best schooling so that they can develop a keen interest in the studies and learning more about the world. To this end, we pay individual attention and quench their thirst using various effective teaching methods.

The education system and curriculum standards are changing. Despite these challenges, SBIPS & SBA is moving forward with transformation that reflects the dynamic world of education and meets the growing needs of our students. In view of such circumstances, we believe that the personal relationship between a child and teacher is the key to quality School Education. As technology is progressing faster than ever, we keep a close watch on changing educational trends to identify new technologies in education.

It is our goal to treat all children with the care and respect they deserve. We work hard to earn your trust and we welcome every opportunity to take care of children. Our team commits to you with an unwavering dedication to our mission and vision. Through their strong empathy, they have created an exceptional environment for learning. As you will see, we are defining the potential future of Education and Learning in India.

On behalf of our Management and staff, I invite you all to learn more about Spring Board International Preprimary School and Spring Board Academies by reviewing the information on our website.

Thanks for choosing Spring Board International Preprimary Schools & Spring Board Academies. Vishnu Manchu Chairman, Spring Board Academy and International Preschools










Subramanian Babu
I appreciate the school for bringing out excellent confidence levels in my child, especially while performing and speaking on a stage. This school has shown pretty good difference in fostering the shy-natured children. This has made me ever-welded to the school.
Tulasi Janaki
Spring Board's philosophy is just as same as mine. As a parent, I keep advising my kids not just to be successful, but to make a positive impact. They've helped me impart this ideology to my kids.
Ramesh Joseph
If I have to say something about the this chain of schools, they unearth the child’s talent and enable them discover something excited and enthusiastic in their future.
Mohammad Ismail
Would like to thank my son's class teacher for her guidance. She shared some brilliant innovative ideas to make him learn words and sentences, applying which there has been a remarkable improvement. The projects and models crafted by him were so impressive.
Neelima Reddy
Glad to notice bright and lively classrooms and the vibrant way of presentation over there. The school's infrastructure is so pleasant that our children are nurtured in an environment which is free of pollution and stress. The best part that I observed. We simply loved it!