1. Why Spring Board Academy?

Spring Board Academy aims at providing quality education to its students and nurtures them with knowledge and competitive spirit for creative learning. The essence of education at Spring Board Academy is commemoration of uniqueness of a child. For the young child it is the “all” that matters, rather than proficiency in one aspect. Education in Spring Board Academy is applicable to each child, irrespective of the child’s cultural roots, language, religious beliefs or geographical setting.

2. What are the school days and hours?

School days are from Monday to Saturday (Every month 2nd Saturday is a holiday)

  • Preprimary – Monday to Friday; 8:45 AM – 12:15 PM
  • Primary – Monday to Saturday ; 8: 45 AM – 03: 30 PM
  • Secondary – Monday to Saturday; 8: 45 AM – 03: 30 PM
  • Higher – Monday to Saturday ; 8: 45 AM – 04: 00 PM

3. When should I apply for admission?

Admissions for preprimary section would be throughout the year where as for grade I and above admissions would begin in the month of March and continue till the new academic year begins (June).

4. How do I begin the application/admission process for my child?

You can reach us at the branch mail Id and numbers given below for the information on application/admission process:

  • SBA – CHITTOOR: Phone No:    + 9 1-7660012336, Toll Free Number:    8002001888, Email:
  • SBA – TIRUPATI : Phone No:    + 91-7660012339, Toll Free Number:    8002001888, Email:
  • SBA – PUTTUR: Phone No:    +91-7660012367, Toll Free Number:    8002001888, Email:
  • SBA – TANUKU: Phone No:    +91-7660012356, Toll Free Number:    8002001888, Email:
  • SBA – MIYAPUR: Phone No:    +91-7660012377, Toll Free Number:    8002001888, Email:
  • SBA – NAGOLE: Phone No:    +91-7660012378, Toll Free Number:    8002001888, Email:
  • SBA – MANDAPETA: Phone No:    +91-7660016125, Toll Free Number:    8002001888, Email:

5. At what age is my child eligible for admissions at SBA ?

Children have to meet the stipulated age requirement for admissions at SBA:

Grade 1 5 years 8 months
Grade 2 6 years 8 months
Grade 3 7 years 8 months
Grade 4 8 years 8 months
Grade 5 9 years 8 months
Grade 6 10 years 8 months
Grade 7 11 years 8 months
Grade 8 12 years 8 months

6. What curriculum do we follow at SBA?

We follow State Board curriculum

7. Are the teachers trained?

Yes. We have team of trained teachers at all our SBA’s.

8. When can I contact or meet with my child’s teachers?

Parents can meet their child’s teacher/s during the Parent-teacher meet scheduled at periodic intervals.

9. How can I stay informed about my child’s academics and activities in the school?

Apart from conducting periodic Parent-Teacher Meet, our school also shares the on-going activities in the school through regular circulars, quarterly newsletters, and online updates on our School Website, Facebook Page & twitter accounts.

10. Can I send someone else in case I am unable to pick up my child from the school?

We allow only parents or authorized guardians to pick up the students after the school hours. However, in case of an emergency, the parent is requested to send a pre-authorization in advance and ensure that the person who is going to pick up the child/student produces valid Photo ID proof.

11. How can I procure books, academic supplies & stationery for my child?

All the notebooks, textbooks and the stationery would be bought from the school at the beginning of the year on the payment of the required amount for each supply.

12. What kinds of trips are compulsory for students? 

We organize regular field trips for students on nominal cost to have a practical knowledge of the said subject apart from classroom learning.

13. What is the student teacher ratio?

For preprimary section the student teacher ratio is 20: 1, whereas for grade 1 and above it is 25:1.

14. Can students bring lunch from home?

We do not provide lunch in school and the students have to carry their lunch from home.

15. Is transport facility available? If yes, what would be the transport fee?

Yes, we provide transport facility on some terms and conditions for the students and the fee details can be procured from the respective branches.

16. What are the extra-curricular activities that the school offers?

We do offer extra-curricular activities to enhance and/or to bring out the innate talent of the child. Students are offered art & craft classes, dance, karate, music, communication skills, life skills etc. Apart from these, we also conduct variety of cultural and educational activities and also celebrate all the festivals that help the child to know the diversified Indian culture & tradition.

17. Are audio-visual aids used in classroom teaching?

We use audio-visual aids as a part of classroom teaching for students of all the grades that helps them to imbibe the subject with ease and helps them in retaining, remembering & understanding the topic.

18. Are computers a part of teaching?

Yes, computers are mandatory for all grades. Specific computer classes are scheduled for the students in line with all other core subjects. We have trained IT teachers and also have well equipped computer labs.