Job Description for AP Principal(Tirupati) 

Position Overview

The Principal creates a school culture with high expectations and empowers students to grow in critical thinking, character, creativity, and wellness. Through the direct coaching of teachers, the Principal will focus on maximizing school-wide academic growth and character development. The Principal will ensure that teachers are well supported in their daily work. The Principal is passionate about developing teachers to become stronger leaders. The Principal must be an organized and consistent educator. The Principal must have a concrete vision of excellence, adult leadership experience, the ability to build outstanding relationships with students, teachers, and families, and a talent for building a school culture. The Principal will report to Chairman & COO. Responsibilities of the Principal will include, but are not limited to:

  • Student Culture
  • Establish a loving, structured, and achievement-oriented school culture
  • Facilitate faculty training and support around discipline, relationships, expectations, consistency, and management
  • Coordinate and implement a school-wide discipline system with meaningful incentives and consequences in multi-class settings (i.e. arrival, dismissal, classroom transition, lunch, and recess)
  • Support student behavior concerns flagged by teachers
  • Conduct regular school culture walkthroughs and audits to help staff maintain a high bar of excellence
  • Problem-solve with students, teachers, and families to improve behavior of individual students over time
  • Hire and Retain Highly Effective Staff
  • Recruit, interview, select and onboard new staff
  • Support efforts to make all staff members feel valued and successful including recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance and behavior
  • Engage Families and Community
  • Proactively builds and maintains strong relationships with all families beginning in the summer and serves as a model for strong family engagement in the school
  • Assist teachers to develop strong partnerships with parents by enhancing communications
  • Design and execute plan for involving parents in students’ academic and character development
  • Establish and maintain strong communication lines with all parents and share progress
  • Be available for open houses, parent workshops, parent-teacher conferences and other events involving parents
  • Lead ongoing parent workshops focused on academics and character
  • Instructional Excellence and Management
  • Coach teachers toward development goals related to classroom culture, management and instruction, as well as deliver instructional professional development school-wide
  • Lead the monitoring of classroom instruction and ensure that teachers are provided with timely feedback
  • Provide guidance and oversight of the teachers as they work proactively to develop a student discipline management system that enhances the school environment, develops excellent student character, and positive student behavior
  • Develop teachers’ conceptual understanding of what students must know and be able to do and what instructional methods drive student mastery
  • Develop knowledge of how standards map to curriculum and assessment
  • Provide feedback on long-term plans, unit plans, and lesson plans
  • Conduct data meetings with teachers after formative and summative assessments, and monitor overall academic progress for students
  • School Start Up Vision
  • Expand our school vision document to include all school policies, systems, and structure
  • Guide the creation or selection of rigorous, SSC aligned curriculum
  • Apply and lead process for SSC accreditation
  • Network with other schools in the district
  • Plan professional development for all staff one month prior to the school opening and monthly during the academic year
  • Budgeting and compliance
  • Meet with finance team on a monthly basis to review the school budget
  • Ensure all school revenue and expenses are on track to staying within the budget for the fiscal year
  • Make appropriate, strategic choices in order to stay within the budget for the fiscal year
  • Plan and prioritize time and resources to achieve annual goals
  • Drive the creation of systems and the initiative to create the necessary instructional leadership, management, and curriculum support
  • Establish a leadership team with a clear vision and understanding of their roles and responsibilities in regards to operations, budgeting and compliance and provide occasional oversight and guidance
  • Ensure compliance with all policies and state and federal laws
  • Other
  • Perform duties such as monitoring lunch, arrival, dismissal, covering classes, etc.
  • Willing to offer support and receive constructive feedback from colleagues in order to create a professional working atmosphere that is conducive to change and improvement
  • Ensure effective field trips, school events, and extracurricular activities
  • Model school core values and character strengths at all times
  • Plan school-wide initiatives for gender equality, and water / sanitation / hygiene
Desired Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree (required); Master’s Degree (preferred); passing score on Central Teacher Eligibility Test (preferred)
  • At least three years of teaching experience with a proven record of high achievement
  • Experience teaching an educationally underserved community
  • Experience coaching and managing adults; proven ability to proactively lead by example
  • Demonstrated success in building relationships and trust with leaders, teachers, students, parents and community
  • Strong instructional acumen and ability to use data to evaluate strategic options
Desired Characteristics
  • Unwavering commitment & understanding to Springboard Primary School’s mission, students, families, and community
  • Drive to improve the minds and lives of students in and out of the classroom
  • Passionate about data-driven instruction
  • Demonstrates excitement in growing staff into their highest self as a leader for our students and families
  • Understanding of the nuances of rural school environments and school culture
  • Physical and emotional endurance to support with challenging students; maintain emotional control under stress
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and strong interpersonal skills with students, parents, colleagues, and community members
  • Superb personal organization skills to keep on top of deadlines and measures of accountability
  • Team player: demonstrates maturity, growth mindset, strong work ethic, follow-through and flexibility
  • Proficiency in English and Telugu

Academic Coordinator Job Description

Introduction: An academic coordinator is very important individual who deals with the everyday tasks in an educational institute. Institutes today rely on the academic coordinator because he/she plays a variety of roles to facilitate smooth coordination between students, departments, communities and other personnel directly or indirectly involved with the institute. For the teaching department, the academic coordinator helps in developing teaching procedures and strategies for different programs. This may include revision in the existing programs or curriculum and introduction of new programs with respect to requirements of students. He/she also recommends training programs for the staff so that they can teach new programs. Alternately, he/she can suggest recruitment of new staff to meet program requirements. Soliciting student feedback and reviewing program effectiveness is also a responsibility of the academic coordinator. They helps the institute to define goals for each department and adopt measures that will aide attainment of these goals. While the programs are going on, he/she counsels the teachers and students on any problems or difficulties faced during classes and learning activities. He/she also helps the library staff in setting up and ordering books and other materials for students and staff to facilitate continuous learning. An academic coordinator is also the in-charge of developing and introducing extracurricular activities for the institute and motivates students for participating in the same. He/she assists the dean and management in defining policies and regulations. Further information on the academic coordinator responsibilities has been listed below.

Academic Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Planning: Whether it is the development of educational programs, faculty development, recruitment or any other activity, they plays an active part in planning these activities. He/she recommends best methods for these activities to attain desired results.
  • Evaluation: All the short term and long term program of an educational institute are evaluated by the academic coordinator. He/she communicates with the participants of the programs to find out whether it has been effective and if not, then the measures that need to be taken to improve the programs in future.
  • Leadership: An academic coordinator leads all the programs including research projects of students and faculties. He/she provides necessary assistance to the faculty and staff and other personnel in the institute.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Documents the ongoing activities and programs in the institute. He/she prepares and presents reports to the dean or management during staff and board meetings.
  • Recruitment, Training and Placement: Participates in the admissions of students and recruitment of staff and assists in the evaluation of candidates. He/she suggests and/or conducts the training programs for the staff. He/she also assists in the campus placement activities and communicates with various organizations regarding the schedule of campus placement activities.

Many other job responsibilities can be assigned to an academic coordinator in order to fulfil the institutes’ requirements on a regular basis.

Skills Required

  • An efficient leader who can drive the students and staff in the pursuit of attaining academic goals.
  • He/she should know how to overcome problems and assist in all areas of planning, development, revision and implementation of programs and policies.
  • Proficiency in different computer applications used for record maintenance and research is also mandatory. Ability to work in flexible schedules and on weekends is an added advantage.

Qualification Required

Institutes recruit individuals for this position only if they have experience working in an educational institute and hold a master's or a doctoral degree in education or related course.

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